What happened?

I’ve been thinking alot lately about what to write. I have a million thoughts in my head, most likely due to life events that have been going on this year. I usually watch from the bleachers, read what others are writing, posting, social media grabs etc. I am a bit dissapointed in what I see, but I always remind myself that before I knew what was going on in the world 24/7, I didn’t care. So why should I care now? I will harp on one point, that is judgement. Wow, how and why have we become so judgemental. I don’t think anyone can do anything anymore without 1 person commenting some shit about cultural appropriation, womens rights, political proxy, dynamic congruence of literary openness and positvitiy. Who’s business is it really? I assume if you are some sort of influencer, perhaps you are opening yourself up to a shit storm of critisism at every turn, but still, I would say fuck off, its not your biz. But let’s talk about the influencer, I read in the news that one of the K’s (you know who she is), was awarded top influencer, or some ridiculous non-event award. This woman’s mother (hearsay) sold her sex tape. What does the word influencer even mean? Why do I care? I assume if I was not a parent of an 11 year old, I would give a shit less, but I am so I do. Then again, is it my business what my daughter does with her body when she is 18 or older and out of my house? Probably not. My point is that if we let go of what everyone else is doing, and really just lived, what would that look like? Do we even know? I know that the millenial generation and beyond have no clue. They have no idea what it is actually like to live without knowing someone on the other side of the world by a snap shot. I also know that their inability to relate socially without a square box in their hand is shocking to someone like me. But I digresss into judgment again; I find myself asking what happened, where did humaity, likeness, compassion, giving go. Just a thought. Perhaps one day, probably not in my lifetime, the planet will get back to face to face, moment to moment, not documenting every single second of our lives. Maybe. Now I have to snap a pic for insta, twitter, fb, and ….. Cheers.

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