Life in focus and gratitude

I started my first day of 2019 by deleting all social media off of my phone. I’m already off facebook, but this year or at least as long as I can stand it, I am going cold turkey off instagram and twitter. My focus on focus this year is due to some 28 days of gratitude I just went through in December. Whether or not anyone believes in a higher being, place, or spiritual connection, for me its always been a struggle. So for the last 6-7 years I have been working on my spiritual side, and slipping as most people do when they are moving though any sort of addiction or illness. My daily viewing and interaction on social media was not helping my progress, even though I do love having my space to show the world my life….not interesting to anyone I am sure, I felt trapped in a FOMO and get out scenario each morning I would arise. I also found my bank account dwindling more this past year by purchasing via Instagram many things I definitely did not need. My goal this year is to focus on career, family, and travel, each with a main objective to live purposely present. Fully immersed in actual life on the outside not in a box. Wish me luck!! The cold sweats should begin any moment. Yikes!

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