From here to there

I’ve realized how self centered we’ve become. I cringe at the comments and posts I read on social media, and I also am fully aware that I speak and think about our existence in this virtual world more often than not. That being said, I feel hugely disconnected. I am more of a shake my hand, look into my eyes person, than a text me and send me a pic sort of person. I don’t think this has anything to do with my age or generation, because I’ve never enjoyed talking on the phone, before the days of the cellular world. I was the letter writer, I think I wrote my high school boyfriend a letter everyday that we were apart and mailed them immediately. Where did that go? Is it still out there somewhere? When did we change? I missed it. I recently read something that moved me to feel extremely uncomfortable; it was about racism, but mostly it was the reaction and words that made me feel so impermanently secure about my world. The way that each individual’s word flew across the screen with daggers was seriously worrying to my being. I am not one to mince words, I will argue my point with the best of them, however my idea of using words is very different than others I come in contact with….I feel every single syllable, vowel, letter as if it is pushing a nail through my veins. I will not deny the anger I feel, because that would irradiate the reason for this exact moment. The sadness is stronger; when did we become better than, or even disapproving of the human being on the other side of those words so much that we feel obligated to destroy them with our opinion? Give me some hope that all is not lost, that we can still be compassionate enough to be quiet. Maybe that’s me on the receiving end of a comment, perhaps I deserve a bit of a shake or I am disillusioned into thinking that a person can keep a thought to themselves without belittling another human into a pile of mush. I might be, yet I can still dream of the pen in hand, the touch of someone I just met, the smile of a first encounter prior to an electronic introduction. When we get from there to here, I’ll be convinced that humanity is still as kind as it can possibly be in the chaos of each day.

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