Another New Years Eve, another Resolution

The clock is ticking on 2017, again this year I hear and read the same things over and over…are we sure its not 2016? Another New Year’s Eve, another resolution. “I will be a better husband/wife.”, “I am going to get my shit together, FOR REAL.”, “I am going to workout, and stick with it.”, etc. etc. etc. Maybe this year take the George Constanza approach and do the opposite, because setting yourself up for failure will lead to guess what, failure. The idea that you will change a habit by approaching the end of every year that is filled with holidays, sometimes stress, and even worse, breakups and divorce, is somewhat irrational. Take it from me, I’ve been there so many times I stopped counting. Even now, I feel the pull to burn out on exercise before the end of the year, or write a post about everything I can think of prior to the ball dropping so I do not completely fuck up my last years resolution of writing everyday…. oops. So yes, I’ve been there, I’ve also made myself so many promises I feel like I’ve cheated on myself. 2017 sucked kind of hard for a lot of people, we have a Pres not many like, and some natural disasters that threw not only many of us through a “what the fuck loop”, but also came as a shock showing us how really unorganized as a nation we really are…but I digress, keep it simple; make the ringing in of 2018 about finding out what not to do. Maybe just float through NYE with a sigh, and a toast, happy that you made it unscathed. Then, February 1st, make that resolution. Let me know if it sticks.

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  1. Your writing always touches a part of me that is usually left to sit unnoticed…that part of our soul where we truly appreciate the honesty and truth….that point where we go “ok, I get it!”. I write from a fantasy perspective, where the “reality” I write about is composed of twisted versions of the reality we live in to tell a story…..your writing on the other hand comes from a deeper place that tugs at the soul and says “are you listening…..this might be for you!”. Thankyou buckets my dear friend for pouring out these truths for us all. You and your talent are truly appreciated! 🤗😍

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